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The Mick’s Tree Services Gold Coast team can help you with:

Tree Pruning

Bring more natural light into your home, tidy up dangerous branches, get more sun on your solar panels or just freshen up your yard with our tree pruning services.   With the Gold Coast’s stormy weather conditions and bushfire prone environment, regular maintenance helps keep your home and family safe.  But did you know that regular pruning can also prolong the life of a tree and increase tree growth and fruit production?

Our professional arborists will assess the health of your tree and recommend removal of any dangerous or dead branches that could cause safety issues.  The work they do will also help prolong the life and health of your tree.

Tree Removal

Sometimes pruning won’t cut it (sorry – bad tree lopping joke) and a tree needs to be removed from your property. Trees can weigh tonnes, and with branches that can drop and cause damage, tree climbing required, followed by removal, it pays to engage an experienced, qualified, insured and safety conscious team to remove it from your property.

Our team is fully trained and has access to all the equipment and safety gear to get your tree removed safely and efficiently. And if you’re wondering if you can remove a tree, here’s the link to both the Gold Coast City Council and Tweed Shire Council tree removal guidelines to save you time and hassle.

Palm Cleaning

One of the beautiful things about living in the subtropics on the Gold Coast is the amount of lush, green palms. Only problem is, if palms aren’t maintained, large, heavy falling fronds can pose a danger to people and property. Also if a palm isn’t regularly cleaned up, their seeds and seedpods create a mess, clog gutters and pool filters, and can attract noisy, smelly bats.

If you have palms on your property that need a trim or clean-up, our trained arborists will assess the best approach then climb the palm to safely remove fronds, seeds and seedpods. To make sure your palms are maintained and your property is clean and tidy without the hassle, ask us about pre-booking annual or half-yearly palm clean-ups.

Land Clearing

If you need to clear land for development, building or landscaping purposes, there are logistical and safety considerations, along with making sure you’re compliant with Council and legal restrictions.

Our team regularly works with builders, developers and homeowners on land clearing jobs regularly, and can help with resources and advice on Council and Legal Restrictions on land clearing.


A lot of properties on the Gold Coast require regular garden maintenance that produces a lot of garden waste (those bins fill up quickly!). So why not use all your garden waste to produce mulch that can help soil nutrition, prevent moisture loss and help to keep weeds at bay?

The Mick’s team can bring our mulching equipment to you, to reduce the amount of garden rubbish and recycle it into useful mulch for your garden or remove it if needed. We also sell good quality bulk mulch, get in touch with our team to find out more.


Refresh or improve your property with the right kind of turf selected from a quality supplier, measured to fit your space, and professionally laid. As a subtropical climate, not all types of turf suit our climate and can be hard to maintain (we’ve all seen those brown patches of grass filled with weeds).

Our team will work with you to recommend the right type of turf to suit your space and lifestyle, then recommend a good supplier, then lay and cut the turf to suit your space. We’ll also add water-saving fertiliser and give you tips on lawn care to keep your lawn looking its best.

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